Online Dating sucks – Should I meet her or not?

I’ve been talking to a girl i met on a dating app about 2 months ago. We’re both studying and she said, that she doesn’t have time to meet me right now. Now, if you really want to meet someone, you can definitely make some time for them. She lives about 5 mins from meand has nothing to do except learning for her exams but come on – you can’t spare 3-4 hours to meet me?

Yesterday she asked me if i’m free this weekend, just for a couple of hours. This kinda made me realize that I’m way more invested in this than she is. I’m not mad if she doesn’t want to meet me, she owes me nothing. And if she doesn’t have time for me right now, that’s fine too. But I’m always the part of the relationship that is obviously way more invested and it hurts. It just doesn’t feel like the other person really cares about me, when I’m the one doing 99% of the “work”.

I’m just not sure if I should even start putting time and emotions into this. I know how this is going to end. She hasn’t had a single relationship yet (she’s 23), because she just does not care about relationships and she just wants to “try them out”. So there’s me, who is really insecure about the one-sidedness in all of my past relationships, and her, who has never cared about any of this.

I just don’t want to get my hopes up and meet her, because its really difficult to be open to any kind of relationship, when it’s so clear that it’s not going to work out and I don’t want to lead her on either. The fact, that I’m an exceptionally bad liar doesn’t help either. I can either meet her and sincerely try to get to know her or be boring and uninterested because I don’t really care about her.

In conclusion: Should I just … move on? I really don’t want to talk to her about this, because it sounds so complicated and dramatic but it’s not – I just want someone, who is ready to invest the same amount of energy into the relationship. I don’t want to be a little side project for the 20th time …

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Breadcrumbing during coronavirus

I realise I’m being breadcrumbed by this guy overseas but I’m wondering WHY. We live in different countries and, due to the coronavirus travel restrictions, we won’t be able able to meet and hook up until next year at least. Is he playing the long game…

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