Going on date after breakup. it’s been a while and I’m nervous. Any tips ?

I am 25m and she is 23f. She is in the airforce I’m in the army. I’m taking her out tonight and it’s been awhile I haven’t went on a date in a long time bc I just got out of a year r/s in December. Any tips to help me? Kinda nervous and don’t wanna mes…

As an insecure 25M, should I ask a girl out?

I suppose… I feel somewhat ashamed, but this is something I feel like I need to talk about.


I am 25, male. Have pursued a M.Sc. in STEM, recently started working in a large corporation.

I have a large and dishomogeneous collection of interests, from anime and videogames to history and classical music, up to economy and politics. I probably give a rather incoherent and amusing impression of someone who knows a lot of stuff (or pretends to), is somewhat shy at the beginning but also becomes loud with time. And also gets into discussions all the time, mostly for the sake of it.

Despite feeling attracted to girls, I have never dated one; I have absolutely zero experience (I haven’t even had my first kiss). There probably are several factors at play here, such as some slight social anxiety and awkwardness with the opposite sex, expectations regarding any potential partner, environments, etc.

In any circumstance, the older I get, the more my loneliness becomes a burden. I really want to get in a relationship; as a long-term goal, I would like to have a family.

However, at times I feel like I don’t even know where to start. It’s like, a large mystery; and my helplessness is both frustrating and damaging for my confidence (which has never been that high).

So, recently I have met a new coworker – we see each other basically every working day (though she’s already scheduled for transfer to another department in a few months). I really think she is nice and cute; she’s my age, we have a few things in common – not that many, admittedly. I can’t really say I think she reciprocates; from a personal viewpoint, she probably only sees me as an acquaintance, or, at best, a casual friend.

I have been thinking on the matter for way too many weeks now, and I wonder if I should bite the bullet and ask her out. I know that no matter how much I try and plan it, it’ll end up being at least slightly awkward. I can kind of live with it, but I don’t want to look like an idiot and, most of all, I don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable. There’s also the matter of dating coworkers, which always makes me a bit iffy for obvious reasons.

Honestly, I am fairly confident she will reject me on the spot – because she probably doesn’t expect it and I don’t really think she’s too interested in me, especially from a romantic point of view. Well, if anything I think I won’t make an attempt until she’s about to switch positions, so that at least we won’t be in such close contact if she refuses

On the other hand… Well. If I don’t try, I’m not even making a small step forward towards the long-term goal of a stable relationship. It’s like, still at square zero – while I simply grow older.

So, what should I do? Should I try and work on my confidence first, leaving relationships aside until I feel like I am an attractive partner (as an aside, any advice on that would be appreciated)? Should I ask her out, on the hope that she may give me a chance?

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