Feeling lonely on Valentine’s day…

Feeling really sad right now... I'm not a terrible guy, maybe a bit young (19) but I'm really mature for my age, down to earth, caring and honest lad.

Seeing some people my ages with their girlfriend tonight on valentines for some reason kinda makes me sad and feeling lonely.

I would really love to have someone I care for laying next to me that allows me to tell her how much I love her while cuddling and holding her, then cook her the dinner and see her just smiling out of joy. That is like one of my dream atm...

It felt kinda unfair that many people barely put in any efforts compare to me but still find their soul mate or "soul mate atleast for now". I admit that I might be an introverted person but I dont think Im that shy when communicating with women, actually I enjoy talking to most women since it is actually quite fun and different than when I was with my mates. However it seems hopeless that "the one" with chemistry is just never there...

I don't know much at this point, it sounds like a rant now but I just wanted to let it out. Is it that hard to find that one special person out of all the people on this planet...


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