Minefield of red flags somehow missed

This is a crazy trip, I'm pretty sure I'm an idiot for missing all these red flags but whatever, you live and you learn.

Started dating this girl about 4 months ago. Met her on a dating app. She is 23 and apparently got out of a 3 year relationship in which it was very on and off the last year and when the break up happened, she got cutoff from all her friends. Apparently they were all his friends..

A year later she's ready to start dating and we meet. I think this girl is beautiful, smart, all our values align. We come from the same culture, it was perfect.. or so I wanted to believe.

Little by little though red flags started showing themselves. She was very dry and selfish to me in the start. Conversations either centered around her or they were nonexistent, whatever I thought, she's playing hard to get, kinda like that cause she won't go off talking to any guy.

Another red flag was her telling me she solo travels alot and alot of her stories revolve around travelling with guys and getting "super wasted". She admitted to me she basically had a gangbang with one guy and 2 girls..

Her best friend of one year was in a relationship with a married man that had 2 kids. Not a one time thing, but for the span of many months. Her best friend also has an only fans account.

She has very limited friends and they all seem to be… Sexual confident. Also many guy friends..

First time we had sex, a condom wasn't even a concern. And about 2 and a half months in we have sex, my dick starts getting itchy, 3 days later full STI symptoms. Doctor confirms chlymedia. But I thought it must of been the last girl I was seeing 3 months ago which I also had condomless sex with but saw NO symptoms (and I know I'm a dumbass, I'm very naive with sex). Chlymedia apparently can be asymptomatic, so I chalked it up to the other girl.

I told her right away and she didn't even seem too concerned about it. She just said she had to be "smarter" next time. 1 week later she's begging me to have condomless sex again…

When we go out she STARES at other guys. Not glances STARES. I never noticed how bad it was because all of our dates were Covid, 1 on 1 dates walking through the park or something. Now that we started going out I'm noticing so much things.

She also will have sex anywhere at any time, is an amazing liar and very petty.

She always says she loves me constantly and just recently started putting in effort into our dates. By offering to pay or coming to me rather than me always driving up to her. Making me sandwiches, bringing snacks, planning dates, etc.. I was always back and forth with my feelings towards her.

This one particular instance her best friend was face timing her during our hotel stay together and my girlfriend was squirming for privacy like she was very uncomfortable with me listening. Immediately when she answers she nervously let's her friend know I'm here, her friend couldn't give 2 shits. They're talking and she mentions how it's gonna be so much fun when she visits her in August (my girlfriend is planning a trip to see her), and eventually in the convo her friend mentions how it's going to be so much fun skinny dipping and my girlfriend immediately looks at me for a reaction.

After the phone call she asks me what's wrong and then I tell her. And she insists on it being only her and her friend and eventually she flips it around gets upset and says I don't trust her. She starts crying for 2 hours and it started to seem like she was crying about something else. Like she felt guilty…

I feel like she cheated early in the relationship when she didn't care for me and now she genuinely is starting to like me and feels guilty over it.

Anyways, this is just a condensed version of the 4 months I've spent with her and its highlighting all the negetive things. I did have alot of fun and enjoy my time when I'm with her. But my gut would always tell me somethings off and I never really committed my heart to her.

Should I end it? Or ride it out and just have wild crazy sex untill it's over? If she's cheating though I would want to just end it but she is very smart and I know she is good at hiding things.

Thanks people.

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