Reasons I’m not interested

There is this lady house works at the gas station I go to alot who likes me actually she like everyone who comes into the gas station. She is a hopeless romantic and wants to be in a relationship so bad that she kind of forces it. Anyway last summer we went on a few dates and I got to know her and I'm just not into her like that. She has a little more baggage than I can take as far as her background. I'm 28 no kids and no debt. I manage my finances pretty good. She on the other hand I'm doesn't manage doesn't do so well with financially. I have a few friends who say I should date she's willing to date but I'm not into her as far as dating I'm not that attracted to her physically. Her co-workers are always trying to find out when and if her and I will hangout again. To me that's pushing it having everyone know what's going on in your life that's a major turn off for me. Another thing is I think or don't want to take on someone else's financial struggles because I don't want it to mess with me financially. We went four times and she didn't offer to pay for anything. I get it in a lot of people's eyes the guy is suppose to pay for everything but to me you're wanting to go out to eat, drink, movies ect. You have been able to pay your way at some point not just waiting for someone you want to be with to pay for you all the time.

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